Thursday, June 26, 2014

Made it to the Mission Training Center (MTC)

I've been told I should have written already, even on the first day, but that seemed silly because it hadn't even been a day since I left.  I found everything alright; there was a small army of welcome-hosts.

I'm part of a tri-panionship with an Elder from Utah and an Elder from Las Vegas.  The district has four sisters and us three elders.  Everyone in the district is going to Milan, so it's nice to know we'll all be in that area for our time in Italy.  And we spend our classroom time together/share schedules, so we have appx. 8 hours a day together.

P-day ("Preparation Day") for me is Wednesday, so I can email then.  The schedule is pretty packed, with language study, personal/companion study, and meals.  We get $6/week on our ID cards, recharged at 6p.m. Wednesday.  So I can get soap, stamps, notebooks, etc.

The companion system is a little weird, especially with three people, but we have the same schedule so it's ok.

Answers to questions: the food is pretty much the same as as BYU.  I can onlly email on Wednesdays, but letters arrive within a day of when you write them (but that only works while I'm at the MTC).  I can go to the temple on P-days, but it's closed for the first two weeks here.

Life is pretty good, pretty busy.  I'm learning the language well, and Spanish definitely helps with that.  The people in my district are really cool.  I'll try and get a few pictures sent today, but no guarantees.  That's pretty much it.

Io so che questa chiesa e vero.

Lots of love, David

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