Monday, August 4, 2014

One Day Before we Fly to Italy!

Anziano Whitesell flies to Italy on Tuesday, August 5!  They'll fly from Salt Lake City to Chicago, then to London, then to Milan.  I asked him 3 questions about the MTC.  Here is his email from the night before:

I'll be able to call home around 4:30 p.m. your time on Tuesday, from Chicago.  I'll just call the home phone, so maybe if you're home around that time, that would be nice.

(question: who has been your favorite instructor and why?) My favorite teacher has been Sorella Oakes, who you may receive an email from at some point.  Then again, maybe not: she's getting  married soon.  She gave our district wedding invitations!  Even though we won't be able to go.  It's in about a month.  But when she teaches, you can tell that she cares about us and wants us to succeed.

(question: what will you miss most about the MTC?) I'll miss having food prepared for me, I suppose.  And having my district around all the time.  I think we get districts out in Italy, but I won't be with them for 7+ hours a day.

(question: what will you be happy to leave at the MTC?)  I'll be happy to leave...I don't know. It's nice here.

Packing has been weird.  I don't have all that much stuff, but I have to make sure that neither suitcase goes over 50 pounds.  Also since I have 2 checked bags, I have to make sure that everything makes it into my satchel, the only thing coming onto the plane with me.  Anziano Blazzard is our travel leader, so he gets to stress over all of us being on time.  People have been going around collecting each others' contact info for during (between Elders OR between Sisters) and after the mission.  A lot of people will be in the Utah area for school, at BYU, U of U, Weber, Utah State...popular area for RMs, it seems.  So it's cool that I'll see people again afterwards.  Also apparently I'll see the Milan people at mission conferences, during transfers sometimes, and more frequently during the mission than I previously thought.

Sorry about not many pictures.  I'll get more at the airport and in Italy; I just didn't think the MTC was particularly interesting for photos.  It looks like college dorms and classrooms.

Hope to talk soon.

Anziano Whitesell

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