Sunday, October 19, 2014

Duct Tape, Service and Egg Nog

(Note from Mom: I started out correcting all of this, but it seemed more authentic -- to truly feel his frustration, ha -- to include all the mistakes from the sub-par keyboard he had to use this week.  The following is exactly as he sent it.)


Okay, to start off I want to say that this key board is REALYI bad, and it's actually not worth the time it takes to go back and correct everything.

i'm actUaLly emailing before doing much else today, just because the train timeS fit anD work out such thaT I can do grocery shopping and internet before going to TRIESTE; which has a set of cAves nearby; or castles; which we may visit if we have timE:

(Now he's answering his mom's 5 questions for this week...)

("Do Italians use duct tape?")  i'm surE italians use duct tape, their 'HoME DEPOT' is called 'SELF' and i know they have brooms and cleaning supplies, that sort of thing there. I USEd duct tape that Another aNZIANO had in the apartment.

("Have you gotten lost?")  I HAVEN't gotten lost...well, maybe i havE. not in the actual city area, but when we go out further than normal, or to areas that aNZIAnO aNDERSon hasn't been to before, we sometimes get lost. for example, that picture of the moon through the tower was taken in this tiny 'town' area with maybe twenty houses in it; that started to look pretty sketchy after dark: creepy. fortunately, we could still make it back home on time.

("Have you blessed the sacrament in church?")  I HaVe NOT BLessed the sacrament while i've been here. THEY HAVE enough Aaronic aged young men to pass the sacrament and bless it. Even witH only aBout fifty regularly_attending cHurch members.

("What are you doing for service?")  Service each week is going to a mentally/physically handicapped place and pLaying gamEs witH the older people thEre; we swiTch off with the other companionshiP each week for thAt; And we give blEssings to thE members if they need them or don't havE a PRIesthood holder around.

("Who gives your lessons at your weekly district meeting, and what have you learned lately?")  EACH WEEK the person giving the lesson during district meeting is different, this week it was actually each of us giving a short talk in italian on several CHRISTLIke attributEs; i talked about diligence. tHERE WAS A WOnDERFUL talk by one of the senior couples about studying: she's
actually also a seminary teacher for the american ward in PORDENONE. sHe TALKED about learning through study and faith; not just reading: and the quote that anziano kEEFer gave (the other senior missionary) was frOm josePh sMITH. IT SAID:

"Happiness is the object and design of our existence, and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is a virtue: uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God."


i am sorry, bt uwith the truly awful computer i can't even send pictuRes. tHEY SHOULD REALLY GET anti-virus protectiOn. I COULD download yours (pictures) BUT Can't send back.


2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 quart milk (or less, for thicker 'nog)
1 cup whipped cream
a dash nutmeg
BLEND tHe first fouR inGredienTs; then add milk to the desired thicknEss: Then stir in whiPped crEam until it Stops dissolving and scoop out any whiPped cream bits: Then dump in the nutmeg: viola!

So that's me being happy for the upcoming ChristmaS seasOn:

love you!


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