Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Companion, Fleece and My Birthday

Hi, Mom!  Hi, Dad!

A bit of a slow week this week. I'm still figuring out being sort-of-senior-companion.  I know the area better, even if Anziano Fabiano has been in Italy longer.

WEEKLY ACTIVITY. So we spent a lot of time doing "finding" work: going door-to-door, talking to tons of people, that sort of thing.

Anziano Andersen was definitely a good trainer.  In fact, he "went Zone Leader" for this transfer (as "Zone Leader, Anziano Andersen will help multiple missionaries), over in Muggi by Milano.

I've now been with Anziano Fabiano for a week.  He's very upbeat, and it's his first time being "Senior Companion" (the companion who has been on his mission longest, of the two).  He's in his 8th transfer (one transfer is 6 weeks).  I'm sure we have a lot to teach each other.

HAIR CUTS.  I don't think I'll need to go to the barber shop; actually I haven't seen barber shops.  I've seen a lot of salons though.  Anziano Kendrick has an electric razor that I was unaware of (it was Anziano Gibbons' that wasn't working well), so I can use that the next time I get a haircut.
"before" photo...more haircut pics in previous post!

We have talked to investigators, though apparently meeting with investigators to say goodbye to the old companion works better than meeting with them to say hello to the new companion.  This is why we were going out and talking to people on the street, and working with members for referrals.

(Side note: Mom asked David which Christlike attribute he was working be a better missionary, and even a better Christian, for that matter, we work on trying to be more like Jesus Christ.)  I have worked on several Christlike attributes, but the one that I'm going for now is humility.  I need to accept that I can learn from other people (more or less my age), so for that I need to be more humble.

NOVEMBER 1ST BIRTHDAY. And birthdays...well it was kind of a lame birthday. I'm not big on drawing attention to myself, or maybe I was just trying to have the birthday go by without anyone noticing.  For whatever reason, I didn't tell hardly anyone, so my apartment-mates didn't find out until they saw me opening letters the evening of my actual birthday.

(Which, by the way, the birthday cards were awesome!  Thank everyone for sending cards! The photo does not include all of them...)
some of my birthday cards :)

At that point, we had already started fasting (One time a month, we "fast" -- go without food for two meals.  We believe that fasting, when combined with prayer, can help us grow spiritually, and help us feel closer to Christ.).

At any rate, it was too late by then to bake a cake!  I'll live it up better next year.  I got your package, though.  Thank you so much for music I recognize!  (Side note: "approved music" for the missionaries includes religious music, and music that invites the Spirit of the Lord -- makes it easier to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.)  I didn't recognize all of it, but there is some good music in there.  I really like "Step by Step" from the Living Scriptures movies, and the Hilary Weeks was good.

WINTER WEAR.  Also, I picked up a good waterproof coat with a fleece liner, and some gloves.  Now I'm set for winter.

Until next week!

Love, Anziano Whitesell

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