Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stretching, Scrapes and Saldi


Yes, we were surprised at the hail and at the man's reaction, too.  I have taken out the frisbee twice, but I've definitely lost some skills.  NOT throwing, for hours, 3X/week takes some muscle memory away.  Same for piano.  I can still play Black Pearl and Have a Nice Day, but Wizards in Winter, He's a Pirate, and Skyrim are completely gone.  It's very sad.

GOOD TIMING.  I gave a talk last Sunday, with two other missionaries.  No, I'm not leaving yet, (so far as I know...we get transfer calls Saturday), we just got assigned to give talks.  And he said "7 minutes," and I gave a 7-minute talk, didn't have to stretch it!  There was a Seventy (church leader) from Brazil there, named Massagardi, so he gave a talk, too.

SUITS.  I bought a suit last p-day, from Gutteridge.  Most of the 'suit stores' look intimidating, because you know they cost a ton (hello, Boggi).  This one looked classy, but was on Saldi (sale).  It's a blue suit, which I haven't tried before.  I wasn't about to do the anchorman burgundy or green suits, but blue is a good color.  My grey suit is fading some, I've worn it quite a bit...and biking in it can't help.
 Also a few weeks ago, I got a leather bag.  A side bag, but a little smaller than the one I took to college.

BIKE MISHAP.  Another thing that happened, on the way to a service project on Thursday to clean up debris from the storm,
I was coming down the hill on my bike and turned, and skidded out, leaving a nasty scrape on my forearm, just below the elbow.  So I wasn't hurt during the storm, just after.  And of course, the only thing to do was wash it off and go to the service project.  And then at English class, people asked, "What happened?"  It stung pretty bad the next day, but now it's scabbed over, healing nicely.

Also, chances are I'm training a new missionary, this next transfer.  I don't know for sure, but it's likely.  I'll find out Saturday.

Well, that's all for this week.  Have a great week!
Love, Anziano Whitesell

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