Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Word of Wisdom and Meet the Mormons

Well, I'm doing good here.

HEALTHY LIVING. Mahdi is on track to be baptized next week, hopefully Wednesday. If not, then shortly thereafter. He was great: in introducing the "Word of Wisdom" (taking care of your body, including avoiding addictive substances like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine), he was like, "Yeah, that makes sense. I already don't smoke or drink, and over the next few days I'll decrease how much coffee I drink."

INJURY RECOVERY (NOT MINE). This week we finished up the exchanges for this transfer. The first exchange (trading companions for one day) was with Robinson, my old companion from Ferrara. It was strange because he got a concussion and went home 3 months ago, and now he's back, in my district. So he got a taste of life at home, and is back now for the last 3 months. He will probably finish with me. It was weird because he wasn't the easiest companion to get along with, but on the exchange I was trying to help him get a missionary mindset again and work hard for the last block.

Then I went on an exchange with an Australian, Anziano Holder. Cultural differences. Australia is very much a 'drinking and swearing' culture, although he says he's improved a lot. Great guy, but the language wasn't what I would have used...

RECOMMENDATIONS. as Zone Leaders, at the end of each transfer we tell President Dibb which elders in our zone we feel are ready to be District Leaders, Zone Leaders, or train new elders. So we look at the elders who are responsible and mature and good at doing missionary work. This time around, I was pleased to recommend a handful of people in the zone for various leadership roles.

And we went to "Meet the Mormons" (movie), showing at the church in Cuneo, in Italian. It was well attended, and it was fun to talk with people about their questions and about the film.

Love, Anziano Whitesell

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