Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Challenges, Chairs and Change

Ciao, All!

EXERCISE REGIME. (describing our apartment) We don't have a couch. We have two recliner-type chairs that are super comfy. These chairs lead to my companion WATCHING me do my P90X workout, deciding life is difficult and the exercising just isn't going to work today, and telling me he'll start tomorrow. What a goon :P I just sit in them in the evening, and listen to music.

Hearing from the mission president at mission council, talking with ward leaders, etc., gives me the impression that the youth are being prepared for a lot of responsibility in these days. Like how they've re-vamped the Young Men's 'On My Honor' program, and lowering the missionary age, etc.

LOCATION CHANGE COMING. Transfer calls come in a couple of days. It's the last one that matters for me! o.O But I'll be sad to leave this area -- I've made a lot of friends. Fortunately, I'll have FB and Skype in a couple of weeks, to keep in touch with them. Having the heads-up from President Dibb (that I'm moving, next transfer) was nice, so I can feel sad about leaving for a little bit, and one girl will be gone next week, so if I hadn't known I wouldn't have been able to say goodbye.

WHAT WE DO. Work is moving along. We're seeing more success with reactivating current members, than with new investigators, but that part is up to the Lord. Our missionary work is about strengthening the ward (congregation), not just baptizing.
And I've definitely learned some stuff about wards and organization during my time here. Actually, one of the congregation members works as a church building administrator for the stake (group of congregations), so talking to her we learned a lot. I would enjoy an organizational position, in the church or otherwise.

Anziano Whitesell

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