Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Focus Time, Good Examples, Italian Treats


STUDY GOALS.  I need to have more focused personal studies (that's one of my goals this week) so I'll be more effective.  Because if we don't have any lessons planned, "personal study" turns into "Read the Book of Mormon for a bit, then read the Liahona (church magazine) for a bit."  So I'm looking at activities from Preach My Gospel, and taking some notes/doing topical studies of Book of Mormon and Bible topics.  These include faith, repentance, and prayer, just as examples.

I'm trying to study/take notes in a format that could easily become a lesson for Family Home Evening.  (Family Home Evening is one night a week where the family can discuss & learn about a gospel principle and spend time together.)

I have used the scripture from 1 Kings 19 as an example of the Holy Spirit before.  Also from 3 Nephi 11 where there is a voice after the destruction that "pierced them" and they had to listen several times to hear it.

I got a letter from home in the mailbox...I believe it took 4-5 days from the postmark to get here.

BOLOGNA. We go to Bologna every week for District Meeting.  I've walked around it a bit on 'exchanges,' (we have a different companion for a day) where I've ended up in Bologna.  Actually, we're going there today and seeing if they have good Saldi sales on scarves or ties.

ANZIANO MATA'U.  I'm learning charity from my companion.  He's very friendly, even when people "shut us down" (refuse to talk to us).  He only has a week left, but he's doing well with not looking forward to it too much, or preoccupying himself about it.

I did pack those silk pants.  And I know other missionaries use Under Armor to keep warm.  So far I'm doing pretty good, and it's a warmish spell right now, so it's not particularly unpleasant.

DISCOVERING ITALIAN TREATS.  Your idea of going to different bakeries was a good one.  I think you meant bread, but we went to a couple of cafes with window displays and ordered little pastries from there.  They were really good.

Have a good week!

Love, Anziano Whitesell

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