Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Persevering, Candy Stash and Juggling


Bologna Zone
NEW COMPANION. If you recall, my companion Anziano Mata'u finishes his mission tomorrow.  We made guesses on how people would shift around for this next "transfer" (6-week block).  It turns out my new companion, Anziano Robinson, is going into his 7th transfer, so 2 above me (I am now going into my 5th transfer). The one thing I've heard about Anziano Robinson is "he's really Christlike." That is quite a compliment.

We'll be out here on our own, still going over to Bologna for District Meeting each week.

The work here is still pretty slow.  We walk and talk and walk and talk and talk and walk, and ogni tanto troviamo qualcuno che vuole ascoltarci. ("until we find someone who wants to listen").

So we have "potentials" (people who MIGHT be interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ) to call and hope they pick up the phone, and we have 2 less-actives that we work with regularly.  So the work goes on.

KEEPING FAITH STRONG.  Some of the inspirational talks I read in the Ensign (church magazine) talk about the seemingly small things you can do to keep your own faith strong.  Studying the scriptures, going to church each week, going to the temple, and continuing Family Home Evening can help you remember and sustain your beliefs.  ("Family Home Evening" is simply gathering with your family each week, spending time together and discussing or learning gospel principles.)
Ferrara District

From Anziano Mata'u I've learned about how to Persevere, rather than Endure.  Those 2 verbs bring to mind some very different images...persevering seems to be more active, like you are moving ahead with goals and trying.  Maybe enduring seems more like you are just "getting through" what is happening to you.

Collected Candy Stash
JUGGLING CLUB PAYS OFF.  One thing I was thankful for: We were walking through the park because it was a nice-ish day outside.  There were two college kids there, who were juggling with rings and clubs.  So we went over and talked to them, and I showed one of them how to work with clubs, and I did all right with the rings, and I learned a bit of poi.
 And we talked to them about what we do as missionaries and left them with pamphlets (about the Restoration of the Gospel).  But that was a lot of fun.

Anziano Mata'u
CANDY STASH. I also just took an inventory of the candy/food I've accumulated so far.  It was just sitting in the suitcase, and I got some from Anziano Mata'u's mother.  We ate about half of it this past week, so there's not quite that much right now.

Also...I present Anziano Mata'u.

Ciao!  Love, Anziano Whitesell

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