Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bibles, Fire and Tessellations


BIBLE TRANSLATIONS. There's an interesting series of new bibles that have come out, from different groups translating and re-translating it.  (Our MTC Branch President gave a devotional on it, and I took notes).  There is the Genovese Bible from the Anglicans, then the Bishop's Bible from Queen Elizabeth, the Gutenburg Bible in Germany, and the New King James Bible.

NEW COMPANION.  I'm getting a new companion this week, but not a new area.  So, I'll be doing 4 (6-week transfers) in Ferrara with 4 different companions. Chances are very good that I'll leave after 4.  I'll be senior companion to an elder going into his 5th transfer (I'm going into my 7th).  I'm looking forward to being "senior comp" officially, although last transfer I've been doing all the "senior comp" stuff because Anziano Lindsey is pretty done-with-everything.  This will be a nice change.

FOOD. I did receive a package from Aunt Dana!  It came through Brother Moon, and he brought it to church on Sunday.
And God said, "Let there be food, and there was food."  I do quite enjoy American food.  Thanks, Aunt Dana!

We were planning on going to the American base in Vicenza today, but the senior couple there got sick, so we'll go some other time.  But I was talking with them and they said they'd be able to bring some cans of root beer the next time we see each other, at the Bednar conference.

REFINING. Scriptures I have found inspiring: 1 Nephi 20:10.  I've had people in my district these past few transfers who have said that Ferrara is like the refiner's fire: they send people there to get stronger for the future.
 Most of the stories I have sent these past weeks have been activities-based, rather than spiritually enlightening.  Because the area is pretty tough.  It hasn't responded particularly well to missionaries -- just meh.  So while there are rays of sunshine (this Saturday we'll be teaching 3 of a member's friends, with the member, at the church), a lot of time is spent walking around not feeling productive.  So I hope to be able to look back on my time here and see what I learned, and how this experience prepared me for experiences to come.

I'm glad to hear you've got decent weather again.  I would love to help with yardwork now (it would be a good service activity...if people had yards...), but I'm sure TK and Kara can be of assistance there.

WOOD CARVINGS. The activity this P-Day was going to Bologna and seeing an ESCHER exhibit...
You know, M. C. ESCHER, the guy who did wood carvings of tessellations and the impossible waterfall, and that staircases picture I have in my room.  He has some excellent landscape woodcarvings, along with his "impossible" drawings.  His work is so much more impressive when you take into account the ones that were  carved out of wood.

I received a package from the Amazon UK.  It contained Handel's Messiah.  Thank you!  I listened to Part 1.  I liked the "chorus" sections (like "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" or "Hallelujah" or "He Shall Purify."  The rest is........wonderfully uplifting spiritual stuff...that could put me to sleep.  Sister Shearer: yes, I asked for classical music. Again.  I wouldn't if I weren't a missionary.  No, I will not ask you to play this in your car.

Oh, and one last comment: I found out that one of the church members in Bologna (where I go to District Meeting and stuff) is Jeff!  My second cousin or something, who went with me to get my wisdom teeth out.  So that's neat.  I'll try to meet with him this transfer, just to say hi.  Apparently he asked the Bologna elders about me.  I hadn't realized that he was studying in Italy.

Love you!
Anziano Whitesell

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