Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Goodies, General Conference and CARS


I'll start with last week.  Shortly after checking email, we went to...the

It was pretty cool, and I put a bunch of photos on dropbox.
The museum allows walk-ins, or you can make a reservation for the factory.
We just walked in and looked around.

There are two floors: older Lambo's on the ground floor, and newer Lambo's on the second floor.  The first floor was fine.  Just some older cars with some somewhat interesting specs.  You wouldn't look at them twice (at least I wouldn't) unless you noticed the Lamborghini bull or you noticed that it was shiny.

The ones on the second floor, however: REALLY COOL!

 Those are the ones you stare at, as they drive by.  Sporty and fast, and for most of them, one of only 20 or 50 or 100 ever made.
So all of the Lamborghini legacy depends on millionaires purchasing one a couple of times a year, because there are not that many to go around.

I actually got a Lamborghini 50th anniversary lanyard.
Incidentally, it was one of the few things in the gift shop that was $1.  Those and postcards.
Other than that, it was $75 for a t-shirt, $120 for a pen-holder, $80 for a calendar, and other ridiculous sums.

(Side note: Frank suggested that David go to an Easter mass, to better understand and relate to the Catholic people he talked to.)  I didn't go to an Easter mass, but some Elders from Bologna (in my district) went for a few minutes.
 They said it was confusing, and they didn't know how you would know when to stand up and say things if you only go twice a year.
 To any Catholic readers: not trying to be negative--I think it's wonderful that you go to church regularly!  It's just that here, the culture of "Catholicism" is very non-committal.  It sometimes even borders on Atheism (folks not caring), or polytheism (veneration of Saints overemphasized).

GENERAL CONFERENCE.  We went to Brother Moon's house and watched the different sessions of Conference on Saturday, and Sunday morning.  So I did hear Elder Ringwood's talk about goodness and lack of guile.  Actually, the message that came across most clearly, at least from the Saturday morning session, was "marriage is good, have a family, love your spouse."  Maybe because 4 of the talks were focused on that topic.  I'll get more out of them when I can re-read them in the Ensign (church magazine).

EASTER GOODIES.  Also when we went to Brother Moon's house, we got an Easter treat.  His wife sent him a package...for us!  Being a thoughtful mother, she worried about the missionaries far away in Italy and wanted to make sure we felt loved.  So she sent a care package (photo included) with loads of goodies.

It's a little scary how much sugar rolls in at Easter and Halloween and Christmas.  Side note, the night after conference I woke up at midnight (right after the live Saturday afternoon session ended) and threw up.  I guess my body wasn't used to American food :)

That hiccup notwithstanding, I am thankful for the support from members and family and friends, whether in the form of letters or packages or pictures or emails.

Love you!
Anziano Whitesell

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