Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Funerals, Flexibility, Feeding Friends

HOUSE-TO-HOUSE. This week has had some cool experiences. On Sunday evening we decided to do some proselyting in an area where a member said she felt someone was ready for the gospel every time she passed it.  So we went to the street...and nobody was there.  It was 7:30 p.m., so it was dark, and the one person on the street was not interested in a gospel discussion.  So we decided to go house-to-house.  We said a prayer and started on the apartment closest to us.

We rang the top 5 bells before someone said we could enter the building (not unusual). The lady who let us in gave us her number but wasn't willing to invite us in.  So we knock the rest of the doors, from inside.  The penultimate door (2nd-to-last, for those like his Mom who needed a new vocabulary word) had a man named Giovanni in it. He invited us in, we showed him the video "Because of Him," and set a date for a return appointment.  That was neat, because in my 18.5 months, I've only been let into someone's home to teach about 6 times.  So, that was a good experience.  Admittedly, he didn't show for the return appointment, but we still have hope.

CHANGES IN PLANS. Today (P-day) we had a rough start.  We had planned to go see the Basilica of Superga, but some members of the church called to change our plans. Someone needed the church (on the opposite side of town from Superga) unlocked for a meeting with the Stake President at 3, in the middle of our P-day. And we were asked to go to a funeral in the Deep South part of town at 9 a.m.

So we started out at the funeral, which took and hour and a half to arrive at.  A lady in the ward died 2 weeks ago.  I didn't know her, but the Bishop said it would be nice if we came. It was a small service, with lots of "Plan of Salvation" explanations thrown in, to clarify for members of other religions.  Maybe the 3rd funeral that I've attended.

Having finished there, we went to Centro and had planned on the Egyptian Museum as a backup, but they said it would take 2 hours minimum (2nd largest in the world and all), and we had to be at the church (40 minutes away) at 3 p.m. So we just went to a few stores, looking at Saldi shopping.  I got a nice grey-silver scarf.  Then back to the church, groceries, email. Boom.

TOP 10 SITES. (For Mom, the wannabe-travel-agent:) If you research any cool places I might go on a P-day, feel free to recommend them.  The list right now is: Basilica of Superga, Town on the border of France, Teach-us-how-to-make-lasagna activity with a church member, Egyptian Museum, Royal Apartments by Piazza Castello

And yet due to bad planning, and differently-minded apartment mates, all we've done on P-day is played soccer a couple of times, and wandered around Centro.  Still, it's not for lack of trying, and it certainly has not been disagreeable.  Relaxing a bit once a week is fun, too.

(Side note from Mom: Poor David! Brainwashed his whole life by his parents, that you must take advantage of EVERY POSSIBLE sight and experience when you are in a different place! You must go DO THINGS when you can. I promptly researched "Torino, Italy" online for the next hour.  I sent him Best Places to Visit in Torino he should put on his "P-day list," complete with maps and phone numbers and hours of operation. Next Task -- I must repeat to myself: Soccer on a P-day is also acceptable! Ha :) )

THE FACTORY. (Mom's question to David: you said Vinicio wants a Massachusetts postcard.  Right after you told us that Vinicio is blind.  WHAT WILL VINICIO DO WITH A POST CARD?
David's answer:) Vinicio wants the card to show off to grandkids and houseguests: "Look where this missionary came from!"

I get that a lot, actually.  Church members guess I'm from Utah, also dubbed "The Factory" -- because that state sends out so many missionaries.  Then they guess Idaho.  Then I say I'm from Boston, and they are pleasantly surprised. #Bostonstrong

COOKING FOR 4.  I have made a piadine (think sandwiches on tortillas, what we might call quesadillas but my Mexican companion said those aren't real quesadillas) for my apartment-mates.  I have also made Chinese Sundaes and sloppy joes.

Love you!
Anziano Whitesell

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