Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Setting Goals and Scraped Knees

Excellent, I got the letter with suggestions for P-day. Still waiting on the other one. I'll start with a nice story from this past week.

FAMILIAR VOICE. While I was in Ferrara, I worked with an inactive lady (doesn't come to church regularly anymore). I met her at the Christmas party when I first arrived, then never saw her until, 6 months later, I ran into her on the train to my last District Meeting in Bologna.

Random chairs in the park: comfortable, but cold.
Ciao, Anziano Taylor from Novara!
In the meantime, we kept up text communication.  I'd ask how she was doing, etc. It turns out, she introduced a woman here (in Torino) to the church, 1.5 years ago: the mother of the 9-year-old boy we baptized this past Saturday. This mother mentioned the Ferrara lady, and I was like, "Hey, I know her!"

So the mom called her on the phone, and I talked with her for a bit. That really made my day! That's my miracle for the week :D

ATTAINABLE GOALS. This week, we visited a couple of members and talked about goals for the New Year. Obviously we want to make goals that stretch us, but we don't want them to be "to easy" or "too hard," as to be unreachable. And we encouraged the members to mix temporal and spiritual goals.

My goals are mixed as well, from following a more rigorous workout schedule (the last 4 transfers are named "Six Months to Sexy"), to learning something new from each pers
onal study. I want this year to be a year where I grow a lot, even in this last 4.5 months in the mission.

Night City Lights
SAFETY IN QUESTION. Also, I wiped out while running.  Twice. So maybe it's not good for me. But I'll keep trying.

Anziano Whitesell

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