Thursday, December 25, 2014

Best Christmas Gift Ever

(This entry is from Mom/Kari.)

David called us via the computer (Skype) on Christmas Day!
Grammie D, Poppa Dave, Frank
We were in Florida visiting Frank's parents, so Grammie D and Poppa Dave also got to see him and talk to him.
David in Italy, the rest of us in Florida

He was in the home of one of the members in their branch (very small congregation), in the kitchen.  We talked about his companion a little, his zone (multiple closeby areas, grouped in the mission), and the work he's doing in the area of Ferrara.
Teresa & Kara in the living room: T is holding her iPod so David can talk to his friend Chase in Massachusetts

There were about 10 members at church last Sunday, so it is small to say the least!  (Some were on vacation for the holidays, but even with the ones who were gone, it is small.)  He gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting the first week he was there.

It was so good to see and hear him!  We all asked him questions, about the work he's doing, and also about his living conditions.

They do not have a dryer, so they hang out clothes after they wash them.  He eats a quick meal of pasta and sauce pretty often.  With so few members, they mostly cook dinners for themselves.  He just got his hair cut, so it's pretty short right now.
Chase, on Teresa's iPod in Massachusetts

We talked for almost 2 hours (!!?! probably too long...)

Chase is David's friend in Massachusetts, who was taking care of our pets while we were in Florida.  Teresa connected with him on the iPod, and he got to talk to David too!

He looks and sounds good.  It must be discouraging to be in such a small area with so few people interested in talking about the gospel.  But he seems to be doing pretty well.  Plugging along.

Anyway it made my whole MONTH, I think!  Best Christmas Gift EVER. :)

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