Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Companion, Fast Cars and Yippy Dogs

Hello, family--

CHRISTMAS CALL.  I don't yet know Skype arrangements for Christmas Day.  In Udine it was all set up, we would have been at Sister Sykes' house.  Here, I don't know if we're going anywhere for Christmas, and neither does my companion.  So I'll email you next week when I know, and I'll email an approximate time for skyping/calling.  We might just be here for an internet point, though I'm hoping for a member.  So I don't know, sorry!

Here are answers to your questions:
1) We can Skype at Christmas, if we have a place to do so.  Still working on it.

GOALS. 2) District goal so far: just get along with each other!  I've only been to one district meeting so far, so I'm still getting to know things here.

3) I do have a few goals written down somewhere, like "Be more charitable towards others, be more calm, smile more."

NEW COMPANION. 4) My new companion is Anziano Mata'u. He's Samoan, from Orem, Utah.

5) As far as our apartment set-up: we're in 2 here. (That's how it's phrased in Italian: Siamo in due.)

Dad, that's cool that you were Branch President during your mission in Spain, for a bit.
I'm expecting Bettina to get baptized within a couple of months.

SPEEDY CARS.  The city with the Ferraris is Modena, not in our zone unfortunately! But I believe there is a Lamborghini factory in Bologna, which is where we have our district meetings.

I never realized that you got light-headed about blood, but then again I've never given blood at the same time as you.

YIPPY-DOGS. Let's hope there will be no dog-biting here.  Most of the dogs are stupid yippy-dogs anyway.
 We had 18 people in Sacrament Meeting (including us), and apparently that's the most Anziano Mata'u has seen.

I forgot the microSD adapter this time, so I'll send pictures next time.

Love you,
Anziano Whitesell

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