Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transfer Time, Family History and Counting Blessings


(Side note from Mom: David went around and took a lot of photos this time, most likely after he found out he'd be transferred this time.  I'll include a handful.)
Zone Conference Dec 2014

This Internet place has decent connection, so I'm uploading a bunch of stuff to Dropbox.  I hope you were able to listen to the Skousen talk, or part of it.

Tuniutti family
TRANSFER TIME.  I am being transferred to a city called Ferrara.  I'll send the address when I have one.  It's been a good run in Udine; I could have happily done 4 transfers there.  Also Anziano Minor is going to Vercelli.  Anziani Fabiano and Kendrick are staying in Udine and training.  There are 12 new sisters and 15 new elders this transfer, and 5 of them are getting trained in the Venezia zone.

I've heard Ferrara is pretty small -- a branch of 15 members, and every door knocked several times by the missionaries.  So that'll be different in a lot of ways.  But also warmer, which will be a nice change.

COUNTING BLESSINGS.  I'm grateful for Ann Sykes, the new convert in our area.  She's been a great friend this past few months and I'll miss her.  She's in picture 629.
Ann: a good friend to the missionaries!
 Other people in pictures: me with peanut butter cookies, 627,
Cookie Time! Peanut Butter
my district in 619
, sorella Mendoza (from the Dominican Republic) in 616
Sorella Mendoza
, the Tuniutti family (members of the church) in 612, Ivan (an eternal investigator) in 609.

(Another side note: Mom asked David what "spiritual gift" he might have, to help him do the work of the Lord...)  Spiritual gift -- I'm always upbeat.  I'm not always positive or happy, but I don't stay down/depressed when things get messed up.  I don't smile a lot, but I'm never depressed or particularly sad.

See if you can call the Church News and get Nana's name in the Centenarian section.  I saw those in the Church News you gave me, and thought that would be neat.

FAMILY HISTORY. There is a focus on family history here as missionaries, too.  We may not have genealogy centers as convenient as they are in America, but we still use genealogy as a method of teaching to find interested people.

SMALL WORLD. I ran into another missionary yesterday, who is finishing her first transfer in Milano.  We didn't recognize each other, but she's from the Newbury Park 2nd Ward, and was in the 3rd ward for awhile.  Do you know the Snow family?  Kim Snow.  I was able to remember enough names to convince her that I wasn't joking, but it has been awhile.  It was a neat connection.

I'm still working with the recipe book you sent me at the MTC, and some other recipes.  Or if I'm tired I'll just do tortellini and pesto.  Just boil, cook, drain, eat.

Love, Anziano Whitesell

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