Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Recovering, Bologna, Speaking in Church

Hello again,

(Note from Mom: lots of photos, so I'm just sprinkling them throughout.)

I'm mostly better from being sick, but not entirely recovered.  I have a light cough, and though probably unrelated (still worrisome), a pain in my chest.
I figure it's right about where my heart is.  Not to be scary or anything.  I've had it since the first hospital visit, and while it has ebbed a bit, it hurts some when I cough and a lot when I sneeze.  It just feels bad, like pressure, not-a-sharp pain if I breathe deeply.  I figure I'll ask about it when I go back for the follow-up x-ray on Tuesday.  It's okay.  I'm not dying! These things happen.

BOLOGNA.  For some fun news: we went to Bologna today for P-day.  And I uploaded pictures to Dropbox, so you can look at the view from the Bologna Tower.  And, you can see the RAIN and maybe the WIND we encountered while there!  It was pretty bad weather, and I'm still wet, but it was an enjoyable trip.  Then we went to...another SUSHI BAR!  Yay!  All-you-can-eat-sushi, and Oriental food, and even some desserts and gelato (separate, obviously) at the end.  I stuffed myself.  It was awesome.

SPEAKING IN CHURCH. We gave talks on Sunday.
 It was missionary-talk-day, apparently.  It wasn't supposed to be, necessarily, but I switched with a member who was going to be out of town that day.  Since it was the two of us missionaries, we each gave a decent 15-20 minute talk, filled the time, and ended at a reasonable hour.  The Branch President didn't have to fill in for us.  Success!

QUESTIONS, Let's see, answering your questions.  My favorite story I read this week: There were a few Ensign stories that I liked.  What was I thankful for: I was thankful for the package you sent via Bishop White this week! (Side Note: Our Bishop here in Boston took his family to Italy for their spring break, and took a package from us, over to David.)  Those shortbread animal crackers were a nice touch :)
Bologna from the Tower

I'm looking forward to General Conference in a week and a half...I'll watch as much of that as I can, but it's also fun to read the stories for the first time in the Ensign, like from last conference.

And how have I shown gratitude: I tell people "thanks anyway" when they turn us down.  Does that count?

Happy upcoming birthday in a few days, Mom!
Progressive Photo Bomb

Love you,
Anziano Whitesell

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